Calling Cards

West Carolina Calling Card rates are significantly lower than most other cards. Use the West Carolina Calling Card when you or other family members travel to save up to 50% on calls that require operator assistance. A West Carolina Calling Card is also more economical than expensive hotel surcharges and mobile phone roaming charges.

Access long distance networks from almost any phone in the United States, public or private. Even use your West Carolina Calling Card to make local calls from a pay phone - no pocket change needed!

Your West Carolina Calling Card is "user friendly" - simply dial the 800 Access Number and follow the voice prompts. Don't hang up to make a second call! The handy Call Re-origination feature lets you make an additional call by simply dialing #.

With a West Carolina Calling Card, charges will be conveniently included in your regular monthly bill. There's no charge to receive a card and no annual fee you pay only for the calls you make. Plus, you may order as many cards as you like and distribute them to family members. By requesting multiple PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), you can easily monitor usage on a single consolidated bill.

Pre-paid Cards

Provide children and relatives with Prepaid Long Distance calling cards in 30, 60, and 120 minute increments a great way to enable someone to call you while you also limit the cost.