Individual Services

Second Line – In this hectic world, a second telephone line may be a necessity. Use it exclusively for the children, as a dedicated fax/modem line or as a separate home business line. Installing both lines at the same time can save on installation charges….and you get a separate telephone listing for each line.

Guaranteed Phone – Instead of having to worry about the cost of repairing your wiring and going out to buy a new phone, West Carolina’s Guaranteed Phone has you covered. For a small monthly charge per telephone number, West Carolina will cover all inside station wire which meets our specifications, as well as repair replacement on all covered phones. Covered phones will include all basic, non-featured sets regardless of whether the phone was purchased from West Carolina or at some other outlet. Featured phones, cordless phones and two-line sets will NOT be covered.
Repair or replacement phones will be at the total discretion of West Carolina. Minimum subscription period of 12 months required for Guaranteed Phone.

Extra Listings – Now everyone can maintain their own identity. Extra listings in the white pages of your local phone book are the most inexpensive way to help you make a name for yourself. Perfect for teenagers, roommates or home-based businesses.

Non-Published Number – If you choose this service, your telephone number will not be published in the telephone directory and will not be given out through directory assistance. You must use Calling Number Delivery Block per Line to prevent your number from being displayed on someone’s Caller ID device. (See Calling Number Delivery Block per Line)

Non-Listed Number – You can choose to not have your telephone number listed in the telephone directory but it will be available through directory assistance.